Some Purdy Things Coming Soon from Interbike


The first wave of Bike Huggers to head to Interbike hits the ground tomorrow (prepping for a hard week with a very nice meal) and already we’re drooling over some of the things we’re anticipating seeing and bringing to you. We’ll be doing live coverage on the site at our Interbike page (which will be linked off the home page Monday) and already has a bunch of new product announcements.

Until we get to the On Dirt Demo and start photographing, we’re going to keep thinking about how nice it would be to have this Montague fixed gear folder spotted on the site LimitedHype*.


Saw that on Cyclicious also. I don’t really get the appeal, but I’m curious to hear a hands-on review.

The appeal is simplicity and less moving parts to break or get damaged while traveling.

Some Dahon owners convert their folders to fixed and [Dahon makes a single]( My [Brompton]( has 2 speeds and the Modal I can run as geared, single, fixed, [and internal]( My fav mode for that is single. Arrive in a new city and up in riding in less than a 1/2 hour with no derailer to adjust.

Coolest thing about the Dahon Uno is no cables—coaster brake.

Exactly.  The fact that it is a full-size bike that folds is already convenient.  But the Boston is a full-size 700c single-speed bike that folds, so that’s very convenient for a city rider.  Less parts to worry about getting damaged so it’s a perfect urban bike that can handle a lot, plus it’s great for multi-modal commuters.  I can’t wait to test one of these out.  And I’m really glad they went for a simple matte black too bc I can add any accessories to match.

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