Some People Are So Much Cooler Than I Am


Blogger and inventor Alex Wetmore has a problem with his tandem. It’s the same problem I have, namely that the disc brakes tend to drag because they’re not designed to run on a long tandem frame. My solution is to complain about it. His was to re-machine a part for the Travel Agent brake adapter to fix the problem.

My solution certainly takes less efffort.


Moral of the story: complain enough and eventually someone gets the message and fixes it for you.

Alex is a genius.  Seriously.  His “man-cave” of bike part tools and fabrication equipment is pretty much the coolest place I’ve ever been.

Wait - did I just say I’ve been in his man-cave.  Anyway…that guy does some great work.

I think he’s actually getting the cable travel of a barcon to match the gearhub shifter.

This man should be making Campy lever kits.

Also props to Champs for tipping us to that post from Alex.

Props to Google Reader for pointing me there in the first place. That guy’s blog is half Rivendell, half Surly, and half Make:.

All three are good, in small doses.

I started by building an adapter to use a Shimano 9sp barend shifter with a SRAM i9 hub.  That didn’t work out due to differences in the jumps between gears on each type of shifter, so then I made a new pulley to improve the braking on our tandem.  The pulley in your photo is actually the one from the shifter mod.

It made a huge difference, I used to complain about our tandem brakes all the time and now they work very well.

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