Scott Addict SL: So Pimp it’s Ridiculous

Scott Addict SL for the Twenty Ten racing season. DA 7900, Hed Stinger 6s, and nothing stupid light. Should weigh in 15 lbs + .

Scott Addict SL

The tape is Fizik and feels like tennis racquet tape. It breaks in and doesn’t slide or wear. The graphics say something in Shimano/Scott language, but I can’t make it out. When combined it’s like a tribal Mori tattoo. Not very often graphics look like they were made for each other. Initial ride is the same as the Scott ProTour bike I rode last year.

Here’s the business end.

Scott Addict SL

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DA7900 on a “sub-kg frame” (in Mark V size) and 1300 gram wheels shouldn’t get you too far north of legal, either.

The monochrome color scheme is nice, but it needs inverting to keep up with The New Black.

Will scale it soon for a reference point. I’m actually not that much of a weight weenie. The DA looks good on it, because of it’s flat finish—blends in well.

I’ve got the same bike, and will have the same wheels.  I was at 14.5lbs before pedals.  SRAM Force + RED Cassette on my build makes it a little lighter.  I also went with the GORE cables with little red accents.  Helps break up the black/white look.

Agreed about the colors.  I prefer the Addict R3 and CR1 Team paint jobs:

The Fizik tape is nice and has a very cool look.  I don’t really like the seam between the colors.  In my book the Lizard Skins DMR Race tape is better.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth a look: tape&product_id=140&name=DSP Race Bar Tape&name2;=&page_number=1

Working on a kit to match the bike like an El Roadie superhero or something, cause this is full-on roadie. Mark V wrapped the bars up like that—it’s a nod to the old-school dual cloth tape method and it’s good.

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