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NYT profiles Hambone Designs. They make bicycle bags for keys, wallets, and cellphones. The owner Mrs Grillos started the business after her contract position at Willams-sonoma was not renewed.


In Seattle, Bike So Good recently opened as repair shop. The shops we’re talking to have adjusted and doing ok. That’s not great, like years past, but ok.

Your Bike Business

Included in our coverage of Interbike next month (the bike industry’s big trade show), we want to focus on the small business. Tell us what you’re doing. Did you get laid of from some big corp and are making something interesting our bikes must have?

See the $4.99 MessengerMirror as an example of what we want to blog about.


Great post! This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. . Especially businesses that use Bicycles in their every day operations. I found a few I listed here: but have been constantly looking for more, I’ll definitely be watching the comments!

An idea for a business: How viable would it be to gather up older used bikes from garage sales and refurbish them to sell quality bikes at used bike prices? (Geared mostly at small-time commuters rather than athletic pursuits). I live in a college town and think the kids would jump on it (I just need to get out there in do it.) We also have a brand new bicycle courier business in the area here called Ecotrack (

Can’t wait for the comments!

Frank ( (not familiar with how exactly the movable type comment system works)

my name is cole and i own its a small screen printing business i started 4 years ago. i also recently started building porter crates for porter racks. the crates were shown on a bike in the 2010 trek catalog,it was amazing to that trek noticed my small crates.

The MessengerMirror Cycling Mirror isn’t bad, but I’ve liked my mirror for a few years now. G4 is the way I roll:

It’s handy there is a code letter for that now; when I got mine I mailed him my cap, back when G4 was “custom”.

Thank you bike hugger for the excellent topic and for featuring the MessengerMirror.

I am an artist who (barely) supports himself by working for galleries and clients in a ski resort town. But my art services business basically folded with the recession, so I had time on my hands, rode my bicycle more, got scared of the cars (that triple here in the summer) more, decided I needed a mirror, which led to inventing the MM.

MM mission statement: offer a compact, safety tool for cycling that is USA made and under $6 delivered.

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