The Skycycle, a pedal-powered rollercoaster, is perched precariously on a hill in Okayama and offers fitness and thrills …


Note the hand brakes and pink baskets.


Also see this attempt for man to fly with a bike; especially the photo series from 1975.


Something tells me this attempt failed, along with others in the long-history of human-powered aircraft.


Holy crap, this is another dream of mine.

I believe you can fly.

no, no, the *bicycle roller coaster* is in my dreams, though it’s usually a monorail or some kind of pedal-powered cable car.  My *flying dreams* always involve me floating into the air when I hold my breath…usually in a *cathedral* or a *girls’ shower-room*.  I don’t know why…

do the brakes fail and you go off the rails while Crazy Train plays?

actually, the roller coaster dreams are usually disappointing in that the pedal car doesn’t go fast enough… like after cresting the top it just eases down the descent and never really thrills in the curves.

The flying dreams are much better in that respect.

What I’m wondering on the Skycycle is if I can ride up on you and bump.

“thrills in the curves”.

Girls’ shower room again?  ;)

once there was a guy that made a pedal powered airplane and flew over the english channel with it. it look scetch but i guess it worked.

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