Six Apart Bikes

Six Apart Bikes I was in San Francisco visiting Six Apart and noticed all the bikes!

There were two more city bikes downstairs and one Serotta fixie in the hall. Six Apart loves bikes.

I’ll see the Six Apart crew again in November at their Business Blogging Seminars. I’ll be talking about practical business blogging and how we built this blog and more.


You’ll see dozens of bikes at any of the technology businesses in the SF Bay Area. In the building i work in at Sun Microsystems there are a handful of bike commuters besides myself. The Google campus is absolutely thick with bikes — bikes all over the hallways and in offices and the outdoor bike racks are always full. At VMware in Palo Alto bikes are outside leaning on every vertical surface available — when I visit (by bike) I have a hard time finding a spot to park my bike. I also see many bike commuters from Facebook,, the Stanford Linear Accelorator, etc etc etc.


Thanks for writing and it’s great to hear about all the bikes at work. I’ve gone on a few legendary REI lunch rides here in Seattle and we talked about doing a tour of work rides, the commuter, famous lunch rides, and more. I’ve heard of a ride that starts at the Stanford campus every week and is apparently huge. Have you ridden that one?

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