Simple Cargo: Torker Cargo T

What I like about the Torker Cargo T: is the simplicity. US customers would call this a grocery getter. Or errand bike for the Plain Clothes Cyclists.

It’s based on the Batavus Personal Bike and made for the city. Nothing much to explain. Put some groceries up front and a backpack on the back. Pull it up and onto the center stand to park it.

To ride it just pedal. Sit upright and twist the shifter. I spotted it yesterday in West Seattle.

We rode a prototype earlier this year. Cyclelicious also has been riding one.

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Ha ha…Fritz is riding around on our Cargo T!  Gotta say he looks pretty damn stylish on that machine…

What do you guys think about the rated cargo capacity of the racks?  Seems pretty conservative to me, especially considering how burly the bike and those heavy-duty racks are.

We’ve loaded that bike right up, but Redline and Torker are a conservative company. They don’t want anyone hurting themselves or the bike tipping over. That euro-style, stem stop and center stand is worth the price of admission alone. Did you guys review the T? Link it up.

Preliminary introduction:

A little bit of testing:

The full review is forthcoming.

I figured the rack ratings were conservative…but that machine sure looks like it’s ready for some soul-crushing cargo loads!!!

My suggestion was for them to offer one with an electric assist, that’d blow the price point, but would rock even more.

The electric bike guys were all over this bike too and made that same suggestion :-)

Thank you for the mention! Like Ghost says, R.L. brought that bike up to Sea Otter and let me take a spin on it. It’s pretty hefty. I’m sure you’ve been talking with SBS but they say they’re working on selling the basket and stand as stand alone items.

They are selling the baskets and I believe they’re in stock now.

I just bought a 2009 Cargo T and am going to convert to an electric assist, but the kits I looked at thus far are designed for a 7 speed hub.  I would hate to purchase a kit and then find that I won’t be able to mount the rear wheel and preserve the 3 speed hub.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I know I can mount a 2 or 4 cycle gas engine with no problem, but that would defeat the concept of my Cargo T being a really Green Service Bicycle for my home improvement business in Downtown Baton Rouge…

Torker doesn’t sell their kit separate I think, check with your dealer, as that’s what you’d want to do and I believe it’s the same hub. Val, can help us better here. Val?

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