Shuffling the Fleet


I don’t keep old bikes. It’s become a bit of a problem really, but every year about this time I get involved in “the shuffle”. I sell my race bike in order to buy a new one for the next season. This year I sold my Trek Portland rain bike making way for my new Baron. My wife is convinced it all makes for a very complex money drain, but somehow it all seems to work out.


You’ve had that same talk! I call it being “even Steven” and have even demonstrated it in a complex spreadsheet.

I am doing the same thing this year, though not with race bikes.  I am selling my trike to buy my new recumbent a bacchetta corsa.

Hey.. if you have the money go for it..  life is short to be skimping on your primary mode to commute…

I myself have 3 bicycles, 1 mountain, 1 road bike and 1 big dummy freeradical.

I was disappointed by barons lack of support for full time fender and rack commuters in the first run of bikes. After being told these features would come “sometime next year” I will have to keep looking for a upgrade for my kona sutra elsewhere.


There are lots of custom builders in the PNW that can build whatever you want. For example, [Pam’s Pink Bike](/tag/pink bike); we choose to not run discs on that, but that’s an addition a builder can make.

@meanie - not to let this thread jump into a Baron discussion, so I’ll probably follow up on your comments with another post.  Racks on a road bike.  I don’t get it.  I will never run a pannier setup unless I get a true touring bike (there are many great options out there).  Road bikes don’t handle right with racks.

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