Shawn from SXSW

Our Bro Shawn from @sxsw impressed us with his skills and fashion choices earlier this year, including the stylish wool hat. He’s riding a Raleigh Rush Hour, a fav bike of ours.

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wondering what your thoughts are on, if you have had a chance to ride, the rush hour with the drop bar that is out now. i rode a specialized gangster (as a SS not a fixie) for most of 2008 and thought about putting drop bars on it almost weekly, but i finally just sold the bike. the rush hour as it is now is very appealing.

I’m a critic of flat bars because you’ve got one hand position—maybe two with bar ends on a MTB and a drop bar has like 18. Bikes that ship without bottle cage mounts and a drop like this with flat bars aren’t meant to ride more than an hour. My hands go numb. Also see our work on [drop-bar nexus]( for that same reason. I get that hybrid bikes equated “riding upright with plain clothes on,” but also did the consumer a disservice cause they’re hands also likely go numb.

Oh and black socks do not go unnoticed on our blog—that’s a regional Texas thing and I think Shawn’s homage to Lance in his final Tour.

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