Sexy Jeans for Cyclists’ Thighs

After getting my hair did and my bike polished, got these jeans to wear in Austin during SXSW. Hincapie Denim is for Apres cycling and for cyclists’ thighs. These are not skinny jeans; instead, they’ve got lots of room to relax in after a long ride and are cotton/lycra blended for stretchy comfort.

Hincapie Denim is available in men and women’s sizes in 4 styles for $144.99.

I’ve had a pair since they launched a few years ago. You know we got a thing for Hincapie. They make our Velocity collection we launched last week.


Dear jeebus gawd no! Horrible. Douchetastic circa 2006-ish? Just need a nice Express shirt with them shiny shoes to “hit the club” with…. sorry to be so harsh, but dear god those are horrible.

Just, oh man.

Yeah… so bad.

so very very bad. 

I remember a year or so or two back when Competitive Cyclist “reviewed” them. Proof x 1000 that bike shop types have no business talking about or pimping out casual clothes.

seriously… look like bad knock offs of ugly ass true religion jeans for men.  =P

When I wear them, the ladies at Hugga HQ go loco.

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