Seattle Struggles with Road Diet

Seattle is already struggling with its road diet and this week the Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Fremont Neighborhood Council and many others, including Bike Huggers, called on the Mayor to intervene.

The urgent call to the Mayor resulted from the Fremont Chamber of Commerce successfully blocking new bike lanes on Stoneway that would have linked to the Burke-Gilman Trail.

A neighborhood that considers itself the “center of the universe” apparently thinks that universe is car-centric with fat, clogged roads.

What’s your thoughts on the Master Plan and Road Diets?


I’m too pissed to comment… except on how pissed I am…

nice work Fremont… I guess center of the universe refers to your seflishness

That’s what I thought exactly and it’s really maddening that Seattle wants to be a world-class city, but can’t get off car-based transportation (and why I hope they just tear down the viaduct, make it surface, and force a behavior change). Portland can do it, but we can’t for some reason (all we need is more bike lanes).

I just returned from the Netherlands. I used to be kind of positive about our cycling options here, but riding around Holland was quite the reminder about how bad we have it.

I have no expectations that _anywhere_ in the US (sorry portland, sorry Davis) will ever have 1/100th the Dutch bike infrastructure, but this latest setback still bums me out.

It’s such a small step. Can’t we at least try?

It’s like should we start silently protesting by painting our own bike lanes? It’s so frustrating and Tim, I had the same experience coming back from Spain. Try riding from W. Seattle to Downtown sometime and you’ll experience the worst of it. To their credit, the truckers usually are very respectful. I saw a cyclist nearly get hit on Friday and didn’t event register with him or the driver. When there’s a game in town, on Alaskan Way, that’s the worst.

I was very hopeful with the Master Plan and I understand lobbying and things can change, but Stone Way is a well suited to a road diet.

In a way it’s refreshing to see Fremont show there TRUE COLORS. For Shame!!!!!

It looks like every email listed on the Fremont Chamber of Commerce website is full. So I recommend filling there phone inboxes as well:

General Messages
206 632-1500

Executive Director
Michael Jerrett
206 632-1500

Jeanne Muir
Urban Relations
206 547-1008

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