Seattle Likes Bikes

We Ride: Stone Way/Fremont Wednesday August 1
Meetup:4:30 (Gasworks) Ride:5-6pm

Join Seattle Likes Bikes tonight at 6:00 pm, leaving from Gasworks for a ride through lower Fremont to draw attention to the Stone Way gap. The plan for complete streets along Stone Way North, as outlined in the Bike Master Plan, has been under attack, leaving a gap between North 40th and 34th streets without any bike facilities.

Today from Cacade’s Breaking News:

Should anti-bike efforts succeed, it would set a horrible precedent. Moreover, it would embolden cycling-opponents to strip other corridors from the plan. If this happens, no part of the $240 million, 450-mile bicycle facility network is safe.

Show your support now and contact the Seattle City Council! The future of the Bike Master Plan depends on it.

Mayor Greg Nickels
(206) 684-4000

Nick Licata
Seattle City Council President
(206) 684-8803

Jan Drago
Seattle City Council
Chair, Transportation Committee
(206) 684-8801

Peter Steinbrueck
Seattle City Council
Chair, Urban Development & Planning Committee
(206) 684-8804


A clarification: today is the planning meeting, not the ride itself.

“We are having a preliminary meeting to make signs, discuss, and distribute flyers on Wednesday, July 25th, at Gasworks by the steam engines. Meeting time approximately 6pm. The ride date has not yet been set, we will post when this info becomes available.”

Oh, thank for chiming in Josh.  Definitely keep us posted on ride details.

Yes please do and will blog it all up!

Looks like they’ve posted the time (from

We Ride: Stone Way/Fremont
Wednesday August 1
Meetup:4:30 (Gasworks)

FWIW I plan to be there and will try to bring a couple friends.

I think the tipping point wasn’t just the Stone Way issue—it was suzie burke’s blatent F-you to the Burke-Gilman cyclists by closing the BG trail under the fremont bridge for another year so she can put up another building that will block water views and access.

More from the Seattlelikesbikes site:

WHY: The city has caved to pressure from businesses and developers and has decided to go against the recommendations of the bike master plan and leave a six-block gap between 34th & 40th on Stone Way N, as well as continue the closure of a section of the Burke-Gilman in Fremont thru 2008.

Thank you so much for the update.  I’ve got the ride on my calendar!

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