Seattle CX 7: Stupid Rocks

*Finally some mud*

Finally some mud this season

Dismounted, ran, and stepped onto a rock with an injured ankle. So ended lap one of Seattle Cyclocross #7 and that series finale. A descent into an off-camber climb is where the action took place, right in front of the beer garden. That’s where I spent the last hour watching the Cat 3s race and hanging out.

Descend into a turn and off camber climb

Descend into a turn, up an off-camber climb, then another descent, across a rocky section that punctured many tires


Rubber boots

Enjoy the ride

The ride was enjoyed

Duck-face pringles heckling

Duckface Pringles heckling

The way the sun came out after a rainy week made for a good day, regardless of the racing or results.

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