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2010_expo_poster.jpg While a Hugga crew is riding in Austin with Social Cycling ATX and partying at Mellow Johnnys during the Mobile Social, Scotty and I are hosting the blogger lounge at Bike Expo next weekend. Bring your newest new to the booth and we’ll blog it on up.

We’re there during show hours, attending the after parties with Baron Bicycles, and riding to and fro each day. Then on Sunday, I’m talking bikes:

Bicycle Culture Coffee Talk 1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. This round-table chat with author and former pro cyclist Joe Parkin, artist Jeff Mallet, local author and actor Willie Weir, and Amy Walker of Momentum Magazine, hosted by the hip, is bound to entertain!


All you Bike Bloggers, you’re welcome to join us. We’ll have fun and talk shop.


I’m not a bike blogger anymore (Coach Curly), but can I come hang out… I’ll be there collecting free power bars…

of course. bring that helmet cam and wear it in our booth.

I’m eager to see how the new venue goes. Last year was horrific—they had too many exhibitors in too little space, and the facility they set up for the Oregon Frame Builders was windy and wet (I’ll be interested to see which Oregon Frame Builders are patient enough to make it up again this year).  On paper anyway, this year’s facility look like a big step up (and a nice place to ride a bike too, as well).

That’s what we’ve heard and also there was no “bloggers” per se (meaning an active prescence in the show itself) and that’s what we’re doing. I’ve never attended because we’re at SXSW, but this year we’ve got a Hugga crew in Austin and me and Scotty are here at expo. So I hope it’s good. The facility I understand is good.

I’m not a bike only blogger, but I blog lots of bike rides and events…

I’ve even been known to make the odd video or two…

excellent come see us.

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