Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

I am back working downtown, and after a couple weeks of navigating the pot-holes, steel plates, and traffic I’m happy to hear the Bicycle Master Plan seems to finally be coming to fruition. The Seattle Times ran an article today releasing the “Final” plan that will take steps to make Seattle the friendliest bike city in the country. I’m not sure if that plan includes knocking a few percentage points out of the climbs in the area, but I’ll take what I can get.

Safety programs are great, and for those of us who live this lifestyle, they are the sort of validation that make riding in the city that much more enjoyable. The problem is - Mayor Nickels wants to get 8% of Seattleites commuting on bike (3x jump). It’s going to take a good deal more than just signage to make that a reality. I’m all for it, but businesses need to provide shower facilities, secure parking, and incentives so that people like my father will feel compelled to roll into work a sweaty mess and have the amenities available to him so that he can be ready for the day.


I happen to be a lucky commuter, who’s job actually has a shower and decent incentives for alternate commutes.  I can’t see many small companys in seattle offering these things, but perhaps the city can.  The biggest thing I think the city could do would be to offer some type of facility for commuters, similar to Bikestation, but with a decent capacity for showers, lockers, ect.  Some kind of city run incentive would be good too, even if only during bike-to-work month, once you get hooked, its hard to stop.

Ya know you can use rubbing alchohol and those makeup remover cotton squares and freshen up just fine . .. I did that back in the day when I commuted to Boeing. No shower required

For even a Mayor to say that wanted be a bicycle town is fantastic and I hope the city also realizes that the end goal is to refocus on moving people in and out of the city, intead of cars.

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