Seattle Adopts BMP

In a unanimous vote last night, the Seattle City Council adopted the Bike Master Plan. More over at Cascade:

Today is a milestone in the history of bicycling in Seattle. For three years, Cascade Bicycle Club has worked with the Seattle Department of Transportation, Toole Design Group, the Mayors Citizens Advisory Group, citizen organizations, and thousands of members of the community to craft an exceptional plan. With the passage of the Bicycle Master Plan, we believe we are well on our way to transforming bicycling in Seattle.


I notice that one industry blog has hailed this development with the proclaimation:  “Seattle has a new 10 year plan, and it’s not just talk!”  To me, this just proves that the author of that article has never lived in the Puget Sound area.  We have a long history of passing initiatives like this, and having nothing to show for them in the long run (anyone remember the Monorail?).  So far, it’s not only just talk, the first concrete result has been to deny the creation of a bike lane on Stone Way; not really the progressive action we’d been led to hope for.  We need to continue to support groups like the Bicycle Alliance and Cascade in their ongoing and sometimes bitter struggle to actually get something done.  The official recognition and lip service are nice, but the battle has just entered another phase, and is far from over.

Yep. We need to see it and we’ll always pay for Seattle’s decision in the 70s to not adopt the traffic master plan and plow I5 through downtown. So without some changes like Denmark or significantly change how downtown flows from car-centric to pedestrians, we’ll never have a world-class bike town.

That’s not a cynical view, but you just can’t change years of suburban driven development into a urban town that’s nearly car free. Great example: why do we have parking and cars in Pike’s Place Market? I mean really? Is that necessary? That symbolizes Seattle’s problem right there moreso than Stone Way.

If I were to stake a claim in this fight, I’d fight for a euro-style mixed use lane right down the middle of Pike’s Place with no cars.

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