Schwalbe Tube Vending

Brilliant! As a bike commuter that’s been snake-bit with a double flat before (and generally carries one tube), this would be awesome to have around town. I know a couple shops have built their own, but this is the nicest implementation I’ve seen.

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I encountered these last year in Austria, cycling the Danube.  What a great idea (would love them on some of our North American routes too - I once had 8 flats cycling from Eugene to Florence in Oregon!).

There are many of them around Europe. Here you can find them:

(Sorry, pages are only in german)

I traded emails with one of the guys from Schwalbe.  I guess they are REALLY heavy and need special mounting consideration.  They also need to be somehow converted from Euro to Dollar which is probably not as simple as I would imagine.  Either way - looks cool and I wish they had them at a few key points in the city.  I’d gladly pay $10 for a tube in some situations.

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