Saved by a Toe Strap

Bolts came loose on the Stokemonkey, chain fell off, not feeling the Electric MonkeyLove – toestrapped back into alignment for a “disabled” ride home. I was in the middle of a hill and after the fix, rode at like 1 mph to Alki Bike and Board for tools. I’m keeping the strap there as a backup. Also, my stupid mistake for not having tools with me. I was on another quick test ride.


How has a toe strap saved you?

sidenote: When I arrived at Alki, someone said, “hey, aren’t you the jackass that busted his nuts in the Cyclocross video?” “You mean DZ-Nuts?”


Hmmm ... Simplicity is a virtue for bicycles.

I am going to give Val sooooo much crap for that!
Makes my day!

I think I am going to bring him a lock washer as a pendant this weekend.

All the same, he made a really amazing bracket there.

On R&E team rides way back when, Glen Erickson used to always carry a toe strap to lock up his bike, he pointed out that if your bike is that nice, then you should never get far enough away that you can’t catch the person trying to grab your bike. It worked quite well. His bike had been saved a number of times by a toe strap.

Did NOT make my day! To his credit, Val told me repeatedly to check those bolts after the first few rides. For this ride, I wanted to just “blast the battery out.” Full-speed ahead ride around Alki to drain it and recharge. Totally spaced the bolt-tightening request.

That’s a really good tip to toe strap a bike. A thief wouldn’t look for that either. I was amazed I got to Alki with the Stokemonkey strapped. It was just enough to hold it in alignment.

Indeed, I had thought that those particular bolts would need to settle and get retightened once or twice…sorry I couldn’t be there to do it.  Just make sure that the chain line is straight before you cinch them fully, and all should be well.  Always good fun trying out a new system, yes?  Good save, too.

I use a toe strap to lock my front brake.  This stops it from falling over when I lean it against somthing.

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