Safer Routes Soon

In what’s proving to be a big week for cycling haters, the Seattle PI reports on the progress the city is making with the bicycling master plan and the comments fill up with the standard bad cyclists in traffic rants. As I said in my comments, a car isn’t an entitlement to the roads and it’s the cities lack of action that’s causing the motorist tension. Let’s hope the plan gets done soon.


You got that right!  It’s not an entitlement.  Someone should let the a$$hole know who repeatedly blared their hybrid SUV’s horn at my boyfriend and I this morning for no reason.  Even at a stoplight.  And proceeded to blare it as we all turned the corner and then stepped on the gas and jammed himself around us.  All while having the most vacant look on his face…I’m so tired of immature drivers (he had to be in his late 50s-60s).

It is so incredibly difficult for me to read through such ignorant drama.  What I really can’t wrap my head around is why so many people are so upset about a behavior that has so many benefits that have such large ripples.

Beyond the environmental factors, the lifestyle and health benefits are enough to keep me on my bike and inspire my children to ride as often as possible.

Sure some cyclists are jerks.  Some motorists are too.  We all want more efficient transportation.  I fail to understand why we can’t be on the same side here.

Seriously this crap pisses me off.  I just want to go ride my bike and do something good for myself and my environment…and not get taken out because someone wasn’t being courteous or safe.

It’s def maddening, especially two times in one week and I think it comes from the frustation of gridlock. We’re riding in SBA now, with bike lanes and bikes everywhere. A lot less tension.

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