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New Rudys in black matte with ImpactX clear, photochromatic lenses. In Seattle, it’s often gray with varying light conditions and these lenses cut the glare, adjust to the sun or lack theroeof, and yes they do it fast.

We’ve got the Noyz on test with the Exowinds and taking them with us to Austin, during the Mobile Social SXSW.

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The photochromic clear lenses are also a great investment for winter commuting, when there is minimal daylight, but the sun hangs low and right in your face—working at an office that’s an straight shot to the east doesn’t help.

I’m pretty sure I got jobbed on the Rudys I bought last summer—I’d recommend shopping around at a couple local retailers if you can.

Totally agree we rode today with the lenses and they were clear, darker for the gray skies, then the sun glare came and they went near totally dark. Interestingly, they’re not too dark for the eyes and that’s quite a range from clear to dark. Impressive and also Rudys are not cheap, but their E-Rudy site is offering deals.

I have these and they fog up really easy, have you run in to that? : Here is my review


One of the reasons I prefer Rudys are they fit my face, allow enough air through to prevent fogging, and not get watery eyes. I also wear a cap and flip the brim up—yes they do fog, if I’m not moving and it’s cold. I also wear them lower down on my nose to get air moving. I’ve got the Taos, which got me into Rudy and this new gen is significantly better because of the weight and fit. No red imprints on my nose even after a long ride. Really impressed with the lenses and the range of clear to dark. Also, as I said above, when they get dark, you can still see well.

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