Rolling Review: Giro Aeon Helmet

To review the Giro Aeon helmet we took to the road for a series of test rides. What better place to talk about the helmet than in the middle of a ride?

The Aeon was designed to be as light as the Pro Light but with the comfort that helmet has been noticed to be lacking. The previous light-weight/comfort helmet was the Ions, which never felt as good on my skull as the Atmos. As a result, I’ve stuck with an Atmos for years—until now. Here’s my thoughts about the new Giro.


Anything is better looking than the ProLight.  That thing was terribly bulbous. 

The thing I worry about with all these super light helmets is the number of head injuries we’re seeing.  Maybe I’m just more aware, but it seems like way more concusions (or worse) than the past).  I’d sacrifice a couple ounces if it means I get better protection even (or more) when I’m racing.

Actually according to a bit on Freakanomics I listened to the other day (on football helmet technology) the heavier the helmet the more likely to get a concussion (because the mass throws the head around). Skull fractures decrease with heavier lids, concussions increase.

Yeah - football helmets maybe, but at some point there’s a tipping point in the other direction.  The weight of the football helmet has to do with momentum adding to the “whip” of the head. I’m a few years removed from Mechanics class, but I think the bike helmet is probably not enough to have that much effect, and probably has more to offer in cushioning.

Freakanomics podcast is great though - eh?

Good point about the mass/structure of the football helmet.

In any case, the US market requires helmets be a certain weight, so the Aeon is heavier in the US than Euro at least.

And yeah, Freak is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to it on many a ride. Of course, I also listen Tom and Mike Eat Snacks, so clearly I’m not very smart.

I wore Giro helmets for years…..cause they’re everywhere (in the states, at least).  however, i discovered LAS helmets fit the shape of my head better.  i’ve really wanted the atoms and ionos helmets to fit me, but no. 

I’ve been mentioning recently how much gear, bikes have improved of late. Just a few years ago, helmets we a challenge to size and fit. I’m wearing Lazer, Bell, and Specialized and all just go on your head and adjust with the turn of a dial. Also the amount of air the push over your head has improved too.

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