Rode in It 12

D-Plus with lights and fenders

Back into the dreep, the grunge, the return of the Rainy Season. #rodeinit with the D-Plus.

beaded up

Water beaded up like drops off Natalie Portman’s shaved head, falling onto rotting leaves clogging drains

the port

A stormy port, hunkered down


While it rained a fear in Seattle, I shot video with an iPhone.

This Winter storm was a book end to the one earlier, in January. Rode in that one too and visibility was limited.


What Camera is that?  Hand-held?

Handheld iPhone! Just wanted to capture how f’ing hard it was raining and do not try a dismount/remount with one hand at home please.

Dude, get a real fender.  That way you won’t have to brag how epic the rain was yesterday.

Dude, that’s a Crud, moto-style fender for a race bike. Easy on/off for training then race day. The real fenders go on the rain bike

Sharing a ride, ain’t braggin, and you don’t see this ride up on Strava either.

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