Rock You Like a Hurricane

Trying out a new blend at Hugga HQ and wow – Hurricane is right; it’s like an intense whirlwind of caffeine blowing through the studio.

Kept fresh with a Clip-n-Seal, of course, and delivered fresh by Amazon.

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I wonder if I can get that in Green Bay.  Maybe my local coffee roaster will whip a special blend like that.

While it certainly sounds like a good blend, I’ve got 2 excellent roasters within a short ride of the house.  I don’t see any reason to add to my carbon footprint by mail ordering coffee.

To wit: Amazon Fresh delivers with electric vans. Prototypes from Toshiba, totally computer controlled from dispatch.

You should try happy rock roasters. They are from Gladstone (Oregon City), Oregon. They make this dark blend that my land lord gave me and the misses, called “storm of the black bear” and it makes the best cup of black coffee ever! Give them a try,you wont regret it.

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