Road Find: a bra!

Of all the things I’ve found while riding (a garden gnome, various screwdrivers, a yoyo, etc.) this bra is one of the best and I thought it made a nice adornment to Mark’s frame…


It was found on Western Ave in downtown Seattle.

What have you found? I heard about a cyclist finding an XBox once and one of my teammates found enough cash to buy us all pizza.


I found a fedora by the side of the road on the way to a team ride this year. Didn’t fit so well over my helmet, but I’m sure I looked stylin.

i found a very nice hammer, after it nearly hit me. it flew off a pickup truck. i found purple and green flannel boxer shorts, and various other tools and bungie cords, of course. i found a set of brass knuckles, but i left those alone, along with many single shoes and items of clothing i didn’t want to touch. i have found various wallets, checkbooks, and credit cards. (i do my best to track down the owner and return them.)

Cycling to work last year I spotted a broken up hi-fi cabinet which contained a pair of Quad II Valve amplifiers, a Garrard 401 deck, Quad pre-amp and tuner. I sold the valve amps and deck for 800 British pounds ($1600)!

Found a pair of panties in a tree, left them where they were but a week later they were gone.

Just this morning I found one of those brand new LG phones that’s all screen and flips open to reveal a keyboard, etc.

One ride, along a 5 mile stretch of road, I found: One shoe, no big thing, then about 300 yards further there was the matching shoe.  Another four or five cranks and there was a sock then another sock, another four or five and a blouse, then a bra, then shorts, then panties.
They were small enough and had that teenager style that, as a father, I have always wondered how the naked young lady got back in the house? 

About 8 or 9 years ago I found an 8-track tape of “Saturday Night Fever” and it appeared to be in new condition. I can understand tossing out this soundtrack, but 25 years ago, not 9 years. And an 8-track? Who still has one of those? I think I must have biked into a time warp and back out again.

My finds include:
- Several cell phones, including one iPhone and a recent LG model
- Money/bills, including an envelope with $45
- Various tools, Swiss Army knives
- Hats, including baseball caps and a faded but nifty Fassa Bartolo bike cap

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