Riding in the Rain: a Bootie-Boots Solution

Pull ridiculously small

Nice jacket, ridiculously small zipper pull

Whoever spec’d this small of a pull on a zipper has not ridden in the rain with gloves on and cold hands. Offsetting the zipper with a tiny pull makes it even harder to vent the jacket or close it. Suggest they spend some time in a outdoor gear test shower at 35 - 40 degrees, zipping and unzipping their jacket, repeatedly until they promise to forever spec a larger pull.

Matrix looking

Like I’d ridden off the set of the Matrix in the rain

To the shoe setup this rainy season, I’ve got this thing about keeping my feet warm and dry. I’ve tried every combination there is; going as far back as socks over your shoes, before we had booties. That’s right, like Madonna used to wear her underwear on the outside, we’d ride with socks over our shoes. They’d soak through in a few seconds and looked stupid.

Fast forward a few years and cyclists have many choices in booties. Under these Assos rain booties are Vittoria boots for a bootie-boots solution. Bonus is the bootsie setup looks like it belongs on the feet of that hot chick from the Matrix, if she had cankles.

Before you complain about the $150 cost of the Assos, see above where I mentioned many choices, including the Sugois I’ve recommend and ridden in for years.

Important is the tight cuff on the bootie, to prevent water from running down your shin and into the shoe/boot. You can also run a Gore-type sock, but I don’t like a pool of water in the shoe either. Also in on test are booties from Castelli and Nalini.


The Windtek in the Vittorias is for warmth and the bootie seals out the water. What I don’t ride with anymore in the Winter is thick wool socks because my toes eventually go numb from lack of circulation. Find Vittoria and Assos at a bike shop near you. The Artica MTB cost $265.00.


Add a looped zip tie to the zipper (very un-Rapha) - makes for easy pull.  Loving my Endura booties.  That and a change of gloves half way through a rainy ride will make me happy :)

Tried the trainer for a total of 8 min last night.  Couldnt do it.  Suited up and went out in the rain.

Yes! A pink ziptie! Mick mentioned the Enduras in a Facebook convo too.

Get insulated winter boots (the combined shoe-bootie ultra kind) which are “too large” - now apply layers of socks - feet will be happy because “too large” allows for circulation.

However, your feet will foul the front fender more often…

Those Vittorias look quite similar in design to cold weather shoes I’m still wearing, Exustar E-SM450s. Sadly, they don’t seem to be available any more; extra super sad because they were about $85 and have served me really well. When I see most winter cycling boots running 250 or so, I’m sure glad I’ve got these ones.

@bryanwi right, it doesn’t get that cold here and when it does, I’ll skip the ride ‘till it warms up. Also correct on fender clearance with boots.

@rantwick I hadn’t seen the Exustars, but you’re right. They are remarkably similar.

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