Riding Duthie with Families

father on

Father and son on the log

Said in my post yesterday that the Duthie boardwalk is such a grand entrance, it’s like riding up to a mountain bike cathedral. Once inside the park, I immersed myself in the scene. It’s one I hadn’t been a part of for decades. The wheels are bigger, bikes better, suspensions taller, but what I noticed the most was more families, women, and girls. The vibe was like Cross races are now, but without all the NC-17 party racing.


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I’m covering dirt again for several reasons and one of them is that I want to ride without cars harshing my buzz. More photos from Duthie are lightboxed on G+ and Flickr.

father daugther

Father and daughter out riding


You read my mind!  I was just wondering if it’s a place I could take my teenager or even if I could do it myself?

Thanks for covering that base for me!


Is it practical for true cross bike?  (no suspension…)


Yes it is and Bryanwi—the bootcamp trail is rideable with a cross bike yes. Not the other ones, no.

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