Riders Through the Snow

NYT profiles the Iditarod Trail Invitational and considering the comments about Seattle’s whussy snow, tell me if any of you are riding in those conditions!

I know that Jill is.

Note those are Pugsley-sized tires, cyclists are self-contained, and survivalist. I remember reading about Iditabike years ago and they eat turkey jerky + nuts for the protein and energy (imagine choking that down when it’s frozen). Also see Commuting in Alaska from Bicycles and Icicles.


Photo credit: Alaska Ultra Sport.


Well, “they” don’t eat just any one thing. Everyone has their favorite energy food.

Iditabike is one thing, an organized ride in extreme conditions. It’s the everyday commute that’s the real challenge.

I rode an 8 mile commute into Fairbanks for 15 years, on trails and packed snow. This was before double wide tires with spikes. My ride was from a hilltop down into the river valley then back up the hill to the UAF campus. That means 20 below zero, down to 40 below zero and back up to 20 below zero. The biggest challenge was moose on the trail.

A beautiful 28C in Melbourne, Australia for Christmas Day; you guys would call it 82. Nice riding weather for all the kids with new bikes.

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