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ridecivil_art_small.jpg RideCivil™ is a Bike Hugger gift to the cycling community — our response to recent Critical Mass violence in Seattle, NYC, and elsewhere. You are free to remix, re-use, and share the RideCivil artwork as a flyer, shirt, jerseys, socks, thong bikini, tattoo, or whatever works. Please blog and link love it. We hope other cyclists RideCivil in their communities. Watch for a related website and ride plans to follow.

The RideCivil mark and artwork are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

The artwork was created by Drew Carlson and distributed by Bike Hugger.

A 300 DPI, PDF version is available for download here.


we’re doing similar things in atlanta, since the police have started, well, policing critical mass.

we call it courteous mass:
Cyclists amass in new way

Excellent. When Dave was working on the name, for a while, it was Critical Manners and I think google turned up courteous mass as well. As I’m hearing, Critical Mass is outliving it’s purpose or at least the violent aspects of it.

The man is always keeping us orange-skins down.

I like that the biker is not only getting along with a driver, but that it is a Hummer driver.

Cool! Nice work Drew!

Will the shirt be available in the Bike Hugger t-shirt store?


RideCivil will spin off of Bike Hugger into its own site. As soon as that’s ready, check there for shirts and stuff.

Thank you!  I’ve been looking up Critical Manners and Courteous Mass lately because I want to start an Austin ride, and this is such perfect timing. I was worried that there wouldn’t be much interest, but I’ve received quite a bit of feedback - seeing this only encourages my nerdy good behavior (uh…yeah). How soon will the new site be up?

Hi All,

Ridecivil.org is up now, and has been for almost a week. We’re not qutie as, erm, full featured as Bikehugger yet, so it’s basically an announce page for the time being. For now, feel free to contact me directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thanks for the interest!

This is the direction I’d like to go with in my city, lots of kids to teach about what a bike rider should and should not do on the road.  I want to include another aspect to the “Ride Civil” wording, “Ride Civil/Drive Civil”. Drivers need to be aware that bikes are to be afforded the same respect, rights and responsibilities as a car.  At times it appears that drivers consider and treat bike riders as if they are on tricycles and belong on the sidewalk.  Carry a upbeat, clear and duel bike/car bookmark sized handout with important points drivers and bikers should know.  A smile and a positive info slip would help teach young bikers and drivers to respect each other.  Have 4/5 to each page printed, cut and go.

OUCH! I hate that graphic!


That’s insightful thanks. For the hatahs, step up and do something yourself, like we did. We didn’t issue press releases or plan Town Hall meetings, we’re in the community doing something to stop CM violence and tension between cars and bikes. It’s on us and the community and you. As I’ve said here on the blog and publicly, the community is to blame for letting CM turn into a thug ride and it’s up to the community to take it back.  RideCivil is what we’re doing. We’re listening to other people’s ideas as well.

Thanks for the use of this graphic—really cool, except I wish it was a small (green) car rather than a Hummer, but I guess getting along with Hummer drivers is a greater challenge.

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