Ride for Climate

Ride for Climate is a US bicycle tour to raise awareness of global warming and encourage action. It starts in Boston on 4/21 with two global warming experts riding across the US, stopping along the way to give presentations on global warming and discuss solutions. The tour will continue onto South America. Maybe they’ll cross paths with Pedal?

Having traveled and toured a few places on bike, I understand how much more you see and will never forget the impact of riding up Thompson Pass and suddenly realizing how big Alaska is and it’s f’ing big!


Just to clarify, David’s 15,000 solo ride through Mexico, Central and South America is just about complete. He returns and has 3 weeks to get ready to hop back on the bike and begin the USA tour. They’re both all about global warming education and action. The USA website is www.RideforClimate.com/USA

There were no rides for climate change the last 20 times it happened so why bother now.

This is a huge scam designed to “blame” developed countries, particularly the USA, for a natural, recurring temperature cycle from warm to cool.

Mankind has nothing to do with the temperature.  It is silly when you consider the mass of the earth, the area of the oceans, and the vastness of the universe.  Man is such a miniscule portion the entire system.

Total joke, just like algore.

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