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Gergely wrote to tell us that Budapest, traditionally one of the most bicycle-unfriendly cities, has experienced a major boost in the numbers of bike-commuters and cycling is emerging in their mainstream media from the work of a small group of bike activists.


Critical Mass in Budapest include tens of thousands, from diverse backgrounds: “whole families, white collar workers, as well as messengers, young guys on bmxes, etc.” Their next ride is tomorrow and 30 thousand are expected.



30,000 people? Holy crap. That would be AMAZING to ride in. I can’t even imagine that many bikes on the road at once.

The final result is an estimated 80.000 people!!!

It was amazing. By the time we (first ones) finished the hour long tour, the organizers said that the end of the mass just leaves from the starting point now. But then they had to correct it because the really last people could start only 1,5 hours after the beginning of the event. 2 hours after the beginning, the final place (a hillside) was full and we did this bike-holding ritual. Everybody believed, it was the end of the event and went to some afterparty, only few of us stayed. But in an hour the slow ones arrived and arrived and the hillside was totally full again I couldn’t believe it. So it was the first CM as far as I know where we had to had two different huge bike-holding.
I’m still speechless. If you weren’t there, you have to try it next time. :+)

if 30k is amazing then guess what we were 80k :) still we ride

Yep, it was amazing:)
We were among the last ones, and we arrived to the hilltop 1,5 hours later. It was really good to see so much riders…

30 000?
This year they were 80 000 :-)
And we Hungarians are proud of it, it is a great event with great purpose.

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