Representin’ at Interbike

Bike Hugger will “represent” at Interbike this year blogging the booths, exhibits, culture, and most everything else. Interbike is North America’s largest bicycle trade event and show and we’re excited to meet bike industry people we’ve only corresponded with in email, including the long list of manufacturer’s parts going into Bettie, our project bike.

That list includes Cleverchimp, Xtracycle, Phil Wood, Sun Rims, Magura, and much more.

We’re also planning on hanging with our friends at REI and Davidson Bicycles and finding all the commuter gear we can. Related Interbike blogs include

Also see for a directory of blogs and you’ll know us in Vegas by our Bike Hugger shirts.


The Crooked Cog crew will be there to representing our sites.  I think there are plans to have a blogger meetup.  You’ll have to come!

See you there!

Great! I added you blog to the list, subscribed, and will see you there. What’s you usual MO at Interbike? Go with the flow, have a plan, get as much scwhag as you can carry?

Still finalizing my plans, but I will be there as well. Hope to see you at the meetup.

I’ll be there on Tues/Wed.

And confirmed by the Interbike crew that Bike Hugger’s got a working media pass. Sweet!

Looking forward to seeing you there. It’s going to be a great show, as always. I love it every year.

Tim, where’s your company at on commuters, single speeds, 29ers, all that? Anything new?

I guess you’ll just have to swing by the booth for sure now… ;-)

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