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Over the weekend, while we were at The Canyons snow biking, skiing, and zip lining, Rep Orcutt wrote a letter to the editor that said, bicycling was bad for the environment due to all the exhaling of CO2. Awesome!

Then, Alan Stanley, who I follow on G+, posted this email response he got from Orcutt.


What? The who what?

This proves that as left and progressive as we are in Washington State, legalizing weed and all, we still have our share of pols that say stupid stuff.

PDF of the email.


It is interesting b/c most of the money that is raised for roads don’t come from “car tax”, but from other sources of tax that WE ALL pay for…cyclists or not.

Correct and we normally never post on politics, but an exception was made here. This email was also a form letter, sent out in replies all weekend.

It’s like he doesn’t understand that by riding my bicycle to work, I drastically reduce the overall cost of transportation that needs to be funded.  I’m doing him and every other drive on the road a favor by not adding to their numbers.

Not only that, but damage/wear on roadways is extremely dependent on axle weight.  While trucks do by far the majority of the damage, cars still do a lot of it.  Bicycles by contrast, could ride in huge numbers on a normal road for as long as the road would last against weather and present no extra wear whatsoever.

Still, my property and sales taxes are funding repairs of roads damaged by heavy axles and tire studs so I’m ALREADY paying way more than my “fair” share and you want me to pay even more of your share?  Tell you what, I’ll withhold the amount of my sales and property taxes that represents maintenance for vehicular wear on roads and let Rep.Orcutt figure out where that is coming from instead.

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