Rattan Bike

I was in Vegas earlier this week talking about blogging and podcasting at Web Builder 2.0 and spotted this rattan bike in a display window. The display artist, or someone, carefully and meticulously wrapped an entire bike in rattan. The closer I looked, the more detail I discovered. Also, curiously, the front basket had several bike lights tossed in it. Slot machines are reflected in the display window.


I like the juxtaposition of annoying flashy lights and simple natural materials. That basket is kind of cool too.

Agreed. And whoever made the bike took the care to make it rideable — it isn’t some fake bike.

I just bought this same style bike at a garage sale! I’m looking for history…any clues?

I just bought the same bike at a yard sale today. Want to make an offer.

I have an adult trike, everything is wrapped or covered with bamboo or rattan(sp).  She is a cutie!  She needs a good home and someone who can take her out and show her off!

I just purchased this bike at an estate sale in Palm Springs, though the one you saw in Vegas was altered and had the neck and sissy bars added, and are not original. My bike has a metal tag/logo identifier, which says Bauer International. I looked this company up on the website and it is based in Charleston, SC, and sells fine exotic furniture and rattan accessories, however I found no mention of bicycles on website, which is quite comprehensive, even in the store displays it features. I searched everywhere for info on this bike and came up with nothing. However, I think this bike was manufactured for display in America, as I have seen them displayed occasionally shops like Tommy Bahama, if memory serves.

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