Rando Blowing Up Like a MuthaFuk

35 lbs dry

As it was said to me, upon seeing this bike…

The rando/wanna-be rando scene is blowing the f up yo. Every other bike has a front rack and a bag. Word.

Spec’d with Campy 10sp shifters, sram drivetrain. SON hub with Schmidt Edelux light front, color matched King r45 disc rear. Wheels built by Ben @ Back Alley Bike Repair. Grand Bois Hetre tires. Haulin Colin porteur rack with basket from Goodwill. Selle Anatomica X saddle. Tangle frame bag by Revelate Designs.

Curb weight with fenders is ~35lb.

This is Josh’s Rawland dSogn and he works with me on Clip-n-Seals and our Internet Famous Tool Roll.


I’m not sure how you can be a wannabe rando. Being an unracer means you can ride whatever the fuck you like. If a front load works for you then you’re #doingitright

Sure and what Josh meant by that is he WANTS to be a rando rider, but also has a day job, and doesn’t get out for them big mile weekends. I think it’s great and there’s a sold out dirt fondo this weekend. To the unracing part, see my recent posts on riding MTB in Sedona…most fun since the last time I rode MTB.

Calm your mustaches. All I meant was that the rando flavor is giving fixie a run for its money to be the new darling of bike fashion. But I can get behind this trend—smooth riding, function-forward bikes with brakes and lights and baskets and bells, etc. Then I put a snarky box around it, because someone was gonna name it. We like boxes. Fixie, rando, crit, unracer, weight weenie, roadie, etc.

Personally, I like the box “adventure bike” because when I need to I can put 2.1” knobbies and luggage on it and get way, way off the asphalt. Despite the weight it moves just fine with those Hetres, which do surprisingly well on most surfaces. Cornering on gravel, not so much…

I gotta name drop tho: Ben @ Back Alley is getting deep into this scene, and has been an integral part of this bike’s development—all winter we talked dyno hubs, bags, racks, etc., most of which ended up on my bike. He just finished the Oregon Outback in 3 days on a Surly Cross Check setup very simliar to my Rawland. He should have pics up on his blog real soon now, right Ben? http://www.backalleybikerepair.com/back-alley-blog/


Some real enviable rigs on that ride. Lots o gravel-touring-rando-monster-cross-dirt-drop-all-rounder-nub-mcthingies.

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