Rally ‘round the Raleighs

Raleigh Gran SportFlickr user Wright38 is refurbishing a 1961 Raleigh Gran Sport, carefully documenting the piece-by-piece teardown of its Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs, the GB Coureur 66 centerpulls, and a really beautiful GB Spearpoint lugged stem.

He’s also located an original Gran Sport catalogue from 1962, focusing on the bike’s “race-ace” features and fittings.

Also, here’s Sheldon Brown on Retro Raleighs.


I have an unrestored 1962 Raleigh Gran Sport with all the originsal equipment.
I am the original owner since Christmas 1961.
Are you inerested in buying it ?

I have a 1960’s Raleigh Gran Sport with pretty much the specification listed in the 1962 catalogue I raced this bike in the late 1960’s and for fit purposes I added a a Cinelli stem ( I still have the original GB stem, Ha !!). How can I find out the exact year of manufacture and the value of this bicycle. Is it wirth restoring. Where can one get parts for these old machines. The only part I am missing is the bottom bracket oiling fitting and have installed a plastic plug years ago to prevent contaminants from getting into the BB. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
      Regards, IGD

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