Raleigh 09 Single Speed

Spotted at Elliott Bay Bikes in downtown Seattle – it’s also set up to race Cross – see the rear here. The shop was busy, in a hurry, and so the photos aren’t great. Brian Fornes was riding the bike, Raleigh’s Marketing Coordinator, and I asked him if it was proto or real and he said he’s bringing it to Interibke and a version of it is going into production. We’ll see it at the Mobile Social.

Raleigh 09 Single Speed


Ok, that thing is hot, and I don’t typically say that about (potentially) mass produced SS/Fixed bikes.

Tell me it’s steel and I’m sold.

On second inspection, the welds look too messy to be steel…

Shame. I mean, why fit a rear hub that’s going to outlast the frame?

The tubes look a little fat for steel too, but that is a pretty sexy machine.

It’s aluminum—I wouldn’t expect Chris King to make it into production, but maybe. I can’t defend the use of alum by the industry other than price points. That being said, the new Civia model is steel.

Civia just go from strength to strength, don’t they?

Would totally have one as my next commuter if they were readily available here in Oz… guess I’ll have to stick to my original Cross-Check plan. Funny that I can get one QBP brand just about anywhere I look, but the other’s nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s the price point. Civias are the Audis of the bike world after all.

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