RadioShack Experience

With the Team RadioShack announcement, we decided to visit a store, see what was going on, and ask the employees what they thought of the new team.

The employees noted that RadioShack ran big-budget Howie Long and Terri Hatcher commercials previously and no they do not have a international presence. RadioShack also ran ads for their Color Computer 3 in the 80s and 8-tracks before that.


That’s like walking into a McDonalds and asking the employee that just yelled “welcome to Macdonals how may I serve you” in a mono toned voice… what do you think about that nascar racer you guys sponsor?

I am sure you would have gotten the same look and utter disinterest from a 7-11 employee back in the 80s if you asked what they thought about Bob Roll and the boys racing in the tour that year or a Motorola store in the 90’s about Lances chances of winning the UCI worlds…

More like, “hey there’s a RadioShack, let’s pop in with the iPhone” and they were nice enough to respond and noted, “hey it’s cool, we also had those Terri Hatcher commercials.” Along with others, we think another Pro Team is great news and curious about how RadioShack fits. Is it more Livestrong brought to you by RadioShack? Also, I think the employee reaction is similar to what majority of people, “cool, Livestrong.” Instead of the inside baseball stuff of who is on the team, the bikes they’re riding and so on.

These are the folks you need to ask if they’re happy about the sponsorship:

Speaking of luck dropping into their lap.

Where does Radio Shack find the money?  The Lance brand isn’t going to bring prestige back to a poorly run and badly positioned electronics chain clinging to the bygone/dying days of standalone department stores and regional shopping centers.

@Don B

that’s awesome.

I’m actually impressed they new what was up. Last year, when I would go Chipotle I’d ask whoever took my order what they thought of their cycling team. Not ONE single person knew a thing about it. Mind you this was when they offered the Tour de France burrito.

So were we—they had heard about it in the news and then a store bulletin.

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