Racing in Vegas

We’ll tell legendary stories for the next 20 years about the Industry Cup race with Team Bike Hugger, the Hugga Hookup, and Cipollini. Read Andrew’s race report, Velonews, and see more photos in our photostream.


photo: Matt Carter, Velonews. Cipo in red, Andrew in Bike Hugger green, and Tim Mulrooney from Hed Cycling.


That’s Tim Mulrooney in the Hed Jersey.  Dino may have been drinking a beer by this point.

Thanks for the clarification. I updated the name on the photo caption.

Hey thanks for the shot!! those are the Ardennes wheels btw.. forgot to decal them.. they woulda jumped out as they are reflective decals. 23mm rim with Michelin Pro 2 race tires.. great combo for a tight technical course.

same wheel without carbon cap.. so yes, 23mm wide rim, 33mm rim depth. ride like the best tubulars.

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