Questionable Bottle Mount Method

Austin is like a second home to us. Besides the events we do, always enjoy just riding, hanging out, and seeing things like this. Fixed and with legs always in motion, a bit awkward to reach back and grab. Asked and he said, “whatever man…got to stay hydrated.” Cool with us.

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It’s not all that bad, I’ve got a similar setup using a Minoura Saddle Rail Bottle Bracket except that I’ve got it flipped over from what the picture in the link shows so it sits below the seat.

I don’t see how grabbing it is any harder than reaching down between your moving legs for a downtube mounted bottle holder. It’s almost like reaching into your jersey pocket.

Unfortunately, my fixie is actually a real track bike, so it doesn’t have bottle bosses. Yeah, I like to flip the bottle around in my hand so the top’s by my thumb (though I’ve seen pros hold their bottles the other way too), so it takes a little manual dexterity, but as he said, you’ve got to stay hydrated.

PS- a preview option before posting would be useful to check how my html renders

Here, try <a href=“”>this mounting orientation.

Agreed on the comment preview option. We wanted to get onto EE first and then add features. Check the down tube. Bottle mounts bosses are there.

Oh! Well, that’s just a tri-mount. I use the same thing on my road bike, as I sweat like…. some unsavory animal… so having 4 bottles handy makes sense.

I’ve never seen a singular one, except, um - mine and that’s because it broke. If I remember it was like $40(!) for the pair of holders, so this gentleman’s pref. certainly isn’t on the cheap end of things.


I’d definitely want mudgaurds if I carried my bottle directly above the rear tyre. That puddle in the road there might be urine, you know.

I wish now I’d asked him why he didn’t use the bottle cage mounts on the bike.

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