QBP Launches Civia Bikes

Quality Bicyle Products (QBP) launched a new line of bikes this month under the name Civia Cycles. From QBP.com they are described as “High-end bikes and products designed for practical everyday transportation”. No pictures yet, but the blog on the Civia site notes that they will be launched at Interbike 2007. We’ll be sure to get right on it and get some pictures up to BikeHugger as soon as we can track them down.

For those of you who don’t know QBP - ask any shop. They describe themselves as “the shop behind the shop”. They provide special order and stock for most smaller shops (and probably the bigger ones too).

Some text from their http://www.civiacycles.com/: “Civia: The Community Way Fusing the Latin words Civis”community”and Via”the way, Civia is dedicated to leading the way to a new kind of community for cyclists. After all, biking is about more than bikes. By bringing like-minded people together”people who believe bikes make a difference in their own lives, the lives of their families and their communities”we can create a better world.

Civia is Serious About Transportation Civia is dedicated to promoting the use of bicycles for transportation. We designed our bikes from the ground up, studying every aspect of commuting, hauling, trekking and schlepping. Then we created forms to fit function and chose the best materials for the job. The result is a bicycle like no other”a machine tailored to the needs of people who live on the go, on the road”on their bikes. “


A line of transportation bikes from QBP? Can’t wait. Guessing that with their existing lines of Salsa and Surly crossing over into this category this will be focused and targeted. Looking forward to the pics.

Well that’s what I thought and what that would entail and a new brand in a distributor of brands. Are the dutch bikes? euro-comfort bikes? Folders?

Thanks to Scott at Civia Cycles for digging what we do here and adding Bike Hugger as a link in his resources page.  We’re hoping to get some details on his product line out there ASAP.

I tried and didn’t get anywhere with some inquiries as well—launching a new brand and site without photos indicates they’re rushed, at least to me, probably to catch up with bikes like this from [Gary Fisher](http://www.cyclingnews.com/tech.php?id=/photos/2007/tech/features/trekworld07/Trek08-Simple1) (of all brand names)

I traded a couple mails with Scott and he said that they have product ready for Interbike, but rather than “launch by leak” they are going to keep it all under wraps until the official launch at Interbike. 

The latest entry on his site:
“We are expecting to have our dealer programs finalized by mid-October, and are targeting early 2008 for product availability.  Complete bikes are targeted as being available April 30.”

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