Promotional Use Only

Austin 11: Promotional Use Only

Saw this UV Vodka fixie roll by, took a photo, and then noticed the “promotional use only” sticker on the head tube. That’s right. This bike is a prop at a press party for vodka.

Austin 11: UV Vodka

At least it had brakes, but what would happen if you took it for a ride? Would it explode like the Bluesmobile at the end of the Blues Brothers?


Framebuilders and bicycle assemblers need liability insurance to operate without getting hosed by circumstance. This is a clever way to get out of blowing a pile of paperwork and money for a one-off deal.

Don’t be a dick.

A dick? You think a sticker on a bike protects anyone from a lawsuit? And what possibly would that lawsuit regard in an industry with continuous quality control problems. Guessing you’re new ‘round here and welcome, we’re pro-builder and that’s the first time I’ve seen a sticker like that on a bike.

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