Princeton Tec Switchback Light on Bettie

I don’t ride much at night and use this Princeton Tec Switchback mostly for safety in flash mode. Under gray, rainy, dreeping skies the max-bright LEDS indicate to the motorists my location.

On the occasion I find myself riding past dusk, flip it to high and the bike path is lit up like a solar flare.

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MTB lights cast a lot of light upwards and are not very friendly to oncoming riders. I would not ride on rail-trails, MUPs or other narrow spaces with a light like that. I had a near accident the other day on the BG where an oncoming rider’s off-road lights blacked out everything else in my field of view and I could not see the pedestrians I was rapidly approaching on my side. I bet HE saw them just fine….

I would be okay with using that light on a wider road where the oncoming traffic is not so directly in front of you.

Good point and we’ve addressed the [Blinded by the Light]( issue a few times here. The light itself has several settings from “non blinding” to blot out the Sun.

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