Price of Gas $0.00 & 9/10

Lovely campy equipped Rossin Ghibli spotted in Georgetown sporting this decal on the front fork. More photos of this whip after the jump. Update: Thanks to Eric and Chad who pointed out that you can get your own sticker here.

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I get the “I don’t pay for gas” bit, but the logic is off. There’s no gas, so no gallons. If anything, it would be $0/mile, right? But that’s not true, either, since you pay for your bike and upkeep. And shouldn’t that be 0/10 at the end? Why the 9/10 of 1¢ per gallon? I know, I know, it’s the spirit, but it’s off is all I’m saying. Actually, the guy sells “53 miles per burrito” stickers, too. That makes sense.

I see what you’re saying… However, without the 9/10’s it would be hard to make the immediate connection to fuel prices since that is how they are always represented at the gas pump. Under closer scrutiny, it could be confusing, but as you mention it is the spirit of the sticker. Perhaps the Miles per Burrito is a more appropriate measure for your bike.

But 0/10’s would do that too. Regardless, his heart’s in the right place, and I’m sure he could use the money. Crank, out.

Let’s not forget that the bike industry isn’t the cleanest so you’ve got the gas to get the bike across the water, and to the store, and etc. But good for anyone making cool stickers

I’ve seen many more semi trucks loaded up with Hummers and other SUVs, cars, vans, and all sorts of other gas burners than I’ve ever seen such loads of bikes.  Bikes are not only cheaper for personal transportation, they’re also much less expensive to manufacture and to move to the market.  I’m sure the bike industry could improve, but it’s way ahead of the automotive industry…

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