Presenting the Green Bike Project

Bike Hugger was there for the Green Bike Project debut. Participants meet at South Lake Union and rode to REI’s Flagship store for a press conference with dignitaries. We spotted the Green Bike a few months ago and “haven’t seen that much green in Seattle since Hempfest!”


The participants covet their bikes and we weren’t able to ride one, but it’s a Novara Transfer with a nice, updated spec.

More Green


Great bike and what a great program.  As a former REI employee, I’m always excited to hear about them getting involved in projects like this.  We had a Transfer to ride around at the store, and it is a perfect bike for this sort of application. I wish REI could help pull this sort of program off in Boston, Denver, or some of their other metros.  (Even Missoula, where I used to work!)


There was much goodwill and happy faces at the event. The [PI reported on it with numbers and more details](—and with the mandatory PI BIke Hater Club commenting on how horrible it was that the community was promoting commuting. I think much of that happiness was that the bike is a nice, well-equipped bike, and not some lame, cheap bike.

I think this is a wonderful thing. It’s a shame that the PI hosts all the idiots desperate to turn the molehill of disgruntled drivers into a mountain, but at least bikes have become a major public discussion. Much like issues that raised ire in the past but are now accepted, bikes will enjoy the same opinion-evolution. More power to all of us and may our rainy weather be limited to off-commute hours!

DL Bryon - you rock!  I am a part of this program and I am very excited to start bike commuting next week.  I too am always stunned at the level of stupidity on display by the bike hating idiots on the PI’s comment boards.

two of my co-workers picked up their bikes last night and they are very excited about them but one does have issues with the bike.  REI had discontinued the smallest size of the bikes which she would have been better off on then the size they gave her.  The seatpost on the bike is too tall and when she asked about cutting it down or exchanging it for a shorter seat post they said no - she is going to buy another seatpost and cut it down.  Too bad they aren’t being a bit more flexible about adjustments to the bike.

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