Potential Fixie

Before the Tall Bike Joust at the Georgetown Carnival, we observed this couple inspecting a Schwinn Varsity for its fixie potential.

In this photo, they first spot it

Then consider it

Try touching it

And finally realize there’s not much good you can do with a Schwinn Varsity and “hey that’s a really little lock for such a big bike.”

This Varsity must’ve been like a 62 or a 60 and a bike that was

the single most significant American bicycle.

and unfortunate

that we remember the Varsity as an inferior bike.

For more on the history of the Varsity see Sheldon Brown’s archives. High-rez photos on Flickr.


One of the Cycle Chic blogs I follow (don’t remember which one) discussed converting a found Varsity to fixed. I asked them “Why? You’ll just make a meh bike even worse.”

Correct and not just for the BB. This one was in mint condition (like found at an Estate Sale) and we surmised that the owner used such a cheap lock because they really just didn’t care. Gary Fisher can tell you tales of the bike boom too. That’s where all those Peugots and Fuji’s came from when gas was rationed.

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