Poop on the Morning Commute

A hugger reader wrote in this morning to say …

“Have you ever put your foot down at a light on a bike trail right into a pile of dog shit? It happened to me this morning and pretty much put a damper on the morning commute. “

Well no, but that does suck. I have ran over a seagull (and felt horrible about it), seen a crow fly into another cyclists wheel, and then saw a squirrel jump up onto a fender rack, the person’s butt, back, shoulder, and off into a tree. That was a total trip.

What’s your weirdest or gross commute story?


frog-swarm in a summer shower…once you resign yourself to the fact that you cannot avoid them, it’s really funny.  like a psycho version of the arcade classic Frogger. 

Take that, Kermit!

… a chipmunk ran through my back wheel and came out just fine on the other side.  Rolf Vector Comps. Less spokes.  :-)

I was commuting with a friend, and he had already had a flat, so we were running late and it was already dusk when I realized my front tire was quickly flattening.

Ahead was a grassy area off the right side of the road, so I pulled the bike up there, removed the wheel, pulled a tube, my levers, and the pump, and set the frame to the side, then sat down to switch the tubes out and pump up the replacement.

Is that sweat trickling down my butt? Aaarrrgghh, ANTS, ANTS! I was swarmed by red ants, probably took 6-8 bites, and greatly entertained my commute mate. :-)

I had the weirdest wildlife communte.  While assing a park, I hear a hissing and chittering.  Lots of woods, no big deal, but soon an adolescent raccoon trundles out from underneath a car and bares his fangs.  I say , “Boo!” and he scrambles away, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

A mile and a half later, a squirrel is crossing the road ahead, spots me and begins the Indecisive Squirrel Dance.  Which way should I go.  He decides and runs straight into my front wheel, bounces off and decides to go the other direction.

All this in less than a five mile commute…

In downtown Dallas I was riding up towards a flock of pigeons eating some crap or other off the sidewalk when all of a sudden this skateboarder pops out of no where and startles them. They take off flying and about 3-4 of them fly right into…one right smack on my helmet. No pigeons were hurt in this stunt.

As I was riding toward Seattle Pacific University I saw a squirrel dart out into the street. It was too far up the street to worry about hitting the little bugger with my bike but when I looked up the road I saw a car coming toward us. The squirrel and I that is. I took quick stock of the situation and realized that the car and the squirrel were on a collision course. I watched as I rode, my eyes darting back and forth between the squirrel and the car. Each held their speed and their course. I imagined that their eyes met, challenging the other.

Just when I thought that the furry little bugger was done for he darted in front of the car until he was in the middle of the two front tires. He then pulled an amazing move and turned to the right on a dime and ran out between the two rear tires. Once he was through he turned back to the left again and continued across the road as if he had planned the whole thing. Upon completion of the squirrel’s amazing moves I raised my right fist and cheered for the little guy, remembered what I was doing and realized that I should probably pay a little more attention to my ride as I don’t have the mad skills that the squirrel has.

An old friend of mine was riding down the sidewalk as fast as he could (not smart i know!) on our way home from work when a 10 year old kid swings across the sidewalk on his tire swing and cleans him off of his bike and launches him 10’ into the street!

... later that year as i was riding home from work i cut through some bushes that i have cut through every day for the past 18 months, i noticed 4 seconds too late that the owner of the property had put up an 8’ tall privacy fence behind the bushes of my favorite short-cut!

A few years back there was an amazing peak of caterpillar hatches.  We were on a country road and the road was littered with thousands of them. At first we tried to weave our tires thru them, but after a bit, we just rolled over them, crunching them under our tires.

I was bookin’ down Phinney in the dark (steep part right above Fremont) on my way to an early morning barista job. Something white flashed in front of me. I instinctively leaned back and bump-bumped over it and stayed up.

I rode back up to see if I could tell which house I had to tell that I killed their cat. I got to the cat and realized it wasn’t a cat—it WAS a possum! (with a fresh tire track across what was its neck).


(sorry this is such an old comment—I guess I never clicked post after the preview)

No surprise animal stories, but one cold morning I jumped on my bike to head to work and as ever got a fair bit of speed up to the T-junction at the top of my road. The traffic lights had just turned to red for me to sneak though so I hit the brakes… only to find I hadn’t reclipped them back after cleaning the wheels the previous night.

I’m hurtling towards a busy road without a means of stopping and there’s too much morning traffic to manoveur, so I had to throw myself into a hedge and then immediatly jump up and walk with the bike on the pavement as if nothing had happened.
I’ve never forgotten to check my brakes since then and it sure warmed me up pretty quickly.

years back, on the way home after a group of us went to the movies and back we had a cute little encounter. I was following my buddy, who was dragging a Bugger Trailer(for the little brothers that always came along).
As we came up a street, he yelled back look at this cat. As he got next to it, he realized it was a skunk, and accelerated away, neatly running it over with the trailer. I dodged to miss it. We went home, and thought we were OK. Later that week we were going to use the trailer, and opened the cover to discover that the skunk had soaked it. Worse still, is we were outside of his parents open dining room window, and upwind to boot, and just before dinner. Needless to say, he got to buy dinner that night…

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