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Since I have been riding my Davidson BMX mutant bike for short commutes and errands, I’ve been thinking that I should be more consistent with wearing a hemet. This is because I’m not terribly skilled once my tires stop holding hands with mother earth, and as that style of bike encourages such illogical behaviour I have been crashing with predictable frequency. I’d like to get a XC or enduro helmet, something with a little more coverage than a road helmet but still with decent ventilation and light weight, and hopefully a little sturdier.

And I want a cool-looking helmet. I’m just not interested in getting a Bell or a Giro; soooo boring. I just stumbled upon POC Helmets. Based out of Sweden, the company makes helmets, body armour, gloves, and active/casual wear clothing with an emphasis on the gravity set, both wheels and snow. While the mainstream helmet designers are still trying to move past tribal tattoo designs or are making entire collections by ripping off Banksy, POC’s shockingly clean aesthetic really stands out. But POC backs up the looks with solid engineering and innovative construction. To increase protection from multiple impacts, POC’s Trabec helmets use an Aramid fibre liner between the EPS and in-mould shell to resist penetration and increase durability while still protecting the brain from the harsh decelerations on impact better than hardshell helmets.




The helmet below is from POC’s snow collection, but I would give up huffing glue if I could buy this as a bike helmet:



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