Planning (or dreaming of sun)

What do I think about on rides home like last night? A ride with constant, soaking rain for an hour straight on a road edge filled with debris. Apart from the non-stop thought of “can they see me” I usually find myself day-dreaming about the good rides I have to look forward to.

I’m lucky enough to have a nice long vacation planned to Brisbane, Australia. I’m still working out the logistics of the bike and whether or not I need to buy a travel version, but I’m eagerly counting the days until sun. It makes the wet rides that much more passable.


gah.. I’ve totally been lusting over those Ritchey breakaways too.  The Ti cross bike is h-o-t.

When (if) I even simplify my collection of bikes, I’m pretty sure I’ll go with just the Ritchey Carbon-Ti breakaway.  A friend of mine has it, and it’s beautiful.  I don’t travel as much as I used to, but to have that option is way too functional.  My best vacations have always involved a bike, so I’m pretty sure a travel bike is in my future.

For all the trips, I’ve been posting on (spain, maui, mazama) I use the Scicon bag and for the most part it’s worked really well. I do overpack it with padding and have had wheels get tweaked and a derailleur hanger bent, but nothing major.

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