Get Low, Bicycle Racing circa 1930

My new favorite bike photo.

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That’s a nice contrast to fat man with little feet. Also, Andrew I think was that low at the Kirkland crit, right before the crash.

@Byron - I didn’t slide out - I went over the bars riding into a guy who piled into the barrier :)

Was he as low as our old-timey, goggle-wearing broham? Technically, I think that’s as low as you can go.

I just looked at this picture more carefully, and I can’t see any handbrakes. So this guy is either:

a) Laying it down that low on a fixie

b) Traveling at a very high speed with no brakes

Either way, my conclusion is: Bad Ass

That’s as bad-ass as [these dudes]( Not as low, cause technically, our goggled friend in the fisherman’s sweater is as Low as you can Go.

There is more info on this picture at the Queensland Digital Library:

Ultimate speed on a racing bike, Clifton, ca. 1930

The rider’s name is apparently John Bange.

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