Pilen Concept

Tipped to ADDI, a young design group, by reader Simon Yuen, I’ve been looking at their Pilen Concept bike; unlike this bike posted on Gizmodo today, it’s looks real.


ADDI has also designed a bike bench.



The Pilen bike is indeed a real bike. I got a message from the designer Eric Therner when I blogged about it a while ago.

The bike bench is a nice idea, but designed by someone who doesn’t live in a moderate/high crime area (imo). In Manchester that would pretty soon end up as a “front wheel” bench, the rest of your ride having been lifted by some light fingered opportunist…

It may be unfashionable, but the old sheffield (inverted U) stand is still the best way to lock a bike, I think.

Good point and see this [Secure Bike Rack](http://bikehugger.com/2008/09/secure_bike_stands_and_pump_ar.htm) designed just for UK high crime areas. Also the [Bike Racks](/tag/racks) tag.

Also, I dig the cafe racer lines of the Pilen; also note how it remarkably resembles the [rebar bike](http://www.flickr.com/photos/huggerindustries/3101504582/) . . . do wonder how that fork and leafspring shapes would ride?

Thanks for the link. I didn’t dig deep enough in Addi’s website to notice the Pilen Concept bike. Pretty cool, seems to be inspired by old motorcycle designs.

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